Next Injustice 2 Watchtower livestream scheduled for today, with Joker & Brainiac gameplay breakdowns

By on May 10, 2017 at 9:00 am
injustice 2 joker cards

NetherRealm Studio’s Injustice 2 is only a mere week away now, and with the largest base roster in the company’s history, there’s still a few characters left to be covered on the Watchtower live stream. While Green Lantern, Green Arrow and pre-order character Darkseid were analyzed last week, today’s Watchtower will look at two of the game’s most plot-centric villains: the Collector of Worlds Brainiac, and the Clown Prince of Crime, The Joker–who was finally revealed just over a week ago.

We’ve already seen a bit of gameplay of the two, and Joker follows in his fellow veterans’ footsteps in terms of being a legacy character: operating very similarly to his previous incarnation, though with very noticeable improvements to his tools. You can see the announcement tweet below, featuring an intro between the two that sheds more light on Joker’s return. As always, the stream will kick off today, May 10th, at 3:00 PM CST (1:00 PM PDT) at There will also be an additional stream covering the Gear System on Friday, May 12th.

Injustice 2 will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 16th.

Source: InjusticeGame (Twitter)

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