Images of Street Fighter V’s new character Ed leak before Monday’s reveal

By on May 6, 2017 at 9:00 am
Ed Street Fighter V

Capcom cannot catch a break, can they? Ahead of his reveal on Monday, Street Fighter super sleuths have found images of new character Ed, right on the official Street Fighter website. Rather than sporting the white hoodie seen in Story Mode, Ed’s in-game outfit has him dressed as a Shadaloo military cadet.

Ed Street Fighter V Full Image

Ed’s clearly been hitting the gym since Story Mode as well, looking more muscular compared to the scrawny teenage miscreant that was training under Balrog. He has a passing resemblance to Abel with his new design, which makes sense seeing as both him and Ed are potential replacement bodies for M. Bison.

Ed Character Portrait

We’ll no doubt see the return of the white hoodie as Ed’s Story Mode costume, but who knows what his Premium outfit will be. All will (hopefully) be revealed on Monday so stay tuned for more information on Ed.

Sources: NeoGAF via Street Fighter

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