Eternal Successors reveals its first character: Skinner Chen

By on May 5, 2017 at 11:00 am

Work on Eternal Successors, the spiritual successor to Sega’s legendary Eternal Champions 2D fighting game series from the 1990s, is continuing at a slow and steady pace. Some time back, the team revealed a few test renders to show of the game’s artstyle and color palette. Now, the they’ve gone ahead and revealed the first character for the game.

Named Skinner Chen, this trench coat and fedora-clad fighter is a direct send-up of Eternal Champions’ Larcen Tyler. Unlike the latter, who was a gangster with a heart of gold (who used martial arts instead of guns), Skinner Chen is a veteran and war hero who comes home to find his family killed by the mob. This then combines the original Larcen Tyler design with tropes commonly found in action and martial arts movies.

Of course, with the design so close to the original, the team can easily transform him back into Larcen Tyler should they ever work things out with Sega to work on the Eternal Champions franchise.


Source: SRK forums

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