Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League: DEB faces BxA|dotNova, while Dead Spike duels LTL

By on May 2, 2017 at 4:30 pm

It’s May, and even though Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 releases this month, we still have some great Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League matches to get through. This time, we’re going to see the “Potemkin Traitors” face each other in a FT7. That’s DaEvaBeato and BxA|dotNova, now Sol Badguy and Jack-O’ mains, while the other match is between Dead Spike and LTL.

Let’s learn a little about each candidate, and see what they think of their respective opponents.



On the match: “I’m very excited to play in an exhibition like this, as I don’t really go out that much for tournaments, so opportunities like this are really, really appreciated. I hope to put on a really good show for any Sol players as well! The matchup is pretty interesting, and the presence of her minions can change everything from neutral interactions to the pace of the match, but Sol’s reward off intelligent decisions is something that will keep the match going back and forth for sure. It’ll be a lot of pressure on both of us to keep consistent and clean, but I’ll do my best!”

On his opponent: “Me and Nova actually have a pretty long history! We both used to be Potemkin players, and funny enough, when I was new to Potemkin, he gave me quite a lot of help with getting stronger both as a player and as Potemkin. Additionally, we were both on the Potemkin team for CEOtaku 2016’s team tournament! Our playstyles are very different, but I can always see the genius in aspects of his style whenever I see him play. He is for sure one of the strongest Jack-O’ players in North America, and it’s impressive to see him channel his talents from Potemkin to a character like Jack-O’. Overall, I think he’s a very strong player, and definitely not one to sleep on–not that most people would with his tournament placings!”

On his own playstyle: “I would personally describe my own playstyle as “boring,” ha ha. I am not one of the Sol players who does a lot of flashy or cool things, and I try to avoid taking risks unless I feel like I must. I really look towards risk-reward for a majority of the things I do, and I try to structure my gameplan off that. I would probably describe my greatest strength with Sol as my neutral, although I am generally leaning towards a defensive playstyle, which I consider a strength! Above all, I really try being clean with my play. My time as a Potemkin player has for sure helped influence my decision-making and mindset, and I hope to show some strong patience and decision-making through the set.”



On the match: “I feel it can go either way. Regarding the match-up, Jack-O’ can definitely excel in neutral as she can give Sol a difficult time when he tries to approach. However, Sol’s grounded buttons can definitely compete with Jack-O’s and the reward he gets on trades and counter-pokes is insanely high. I feel it’ll all depend on who adapts quicker and stays on top in neutral as either character can definitely run the other one down. Hopefully, my decision-making and reactions on defense are on point.”

On his opponent: “He’s definitely a solid player. Very good ground game and is more patient compared to most others I have played. As expected of a former Potemkin player! I fought him several times online since getting Steam and as long as both our connections stay stable (Northern Canada to Georgia) this should be a very enjoyable set.”

On his own playstyle: “Since picking up Jack-O’, I’ve been adjusting from a read-heavy style (thanks, netplay) to a much more reactive and controlled playstyle. Since she has much less health than Potemkin and even trades will spell the end of the character, I’ve been trying to maintain a proactive approach while taking as few risks as possible. I still have very bad habits I’m aware of and my execution needs a lot of work, but, win or lose, I’m positive this set will further improve my gameplay.”

Dead Spike


On the match: “I’m excited about the match, no strong feelings otherwise.”

On his opponent: “Don’t know him personally, and I don’t hear too much about Canadian players either. He seems like a genuinely nice guy though.”

On his own playstyle: “Not sure. Frequently been told I’m patient/defensive (with Ky).”



On the match: “I’m feeling confident that I’ll do well, I’ve done a lot of matchup and player studying to help me, and I do feel confident that I’ll win.”

On his opponent: “I talked to him a couple times, he’s a really cool dude and I plan on placating him a lot more after the exhibition. He plays a really solid/respectful gameplay style which I like.”

On his own playstyle: “I’d like to think of myself as aggressive, with a fair amount of reads, and a good understanding of blockstrings the opponent will do, and good matchup knowledge.”

Now that we know a little about our Daredevils, the stage is set for more hype FT7s. Later tonight, tune in to Silva_hime’s Twitch channel starting at 9:30 PM EST/8:30 PM CST/6:30 PM PDT. Silva and Havoc_Noah will get on the mic this time.

Missed last week’s Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League matches? Check out the video below for duels between Sway an Keeponrockin’ as well as Kami and Hotashi.

Sources: interviews; Silva

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