Punch Planet shows off first in-development footage of new character: Dog

By on May 2, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Well, I’m ready to admit when I was wrong. When Punch Planet teased the reveal of “Dog” in one of their more recent videos, I thought for sure the first footage of the character would be at the game’s appearance at Next Level Battle Circuit. Instead, Sector-K Games has decided to go ahead and show off some Dog combos for us, right now:

While stressing that the character is still in-development, I think the company is off to a great start. I even kind of like the placeholder triple Blanka-ball super, but would understand its removal for something more elaborate down the line. If the slow visual improvements are anything like the trajectory Cid and Roy took since their initial appearance, I am sure Dog is going to end up as a worthy addition to the roster. In the meantime, we now at least have a clear picture of what the canine is about: divekicks, ambiguous which-ways, and fangs.

Source: Sector-K Games

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