Alex Valle sits down with Yahoo! Esports to talk about Rashid’s rushdown and improving competitive play

By on May 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Legendary Street Fighter stalwart Alex “CaliPower” Valle sat down with Yahoo! Esports’ Michael “Bizarro Mike” Martin to run some Rashid v. Kolin matches. During the Street Fighter V set, Valle gave live narration of his thought process while playing Rashid, and his overall ideas on way to improve your own personal SFV play.

It’s pretty exciting to watch someone so in control of their game-play to explain themselves in real time. There’s plenty of valuable tips in this set, ranging from corner pressure to meter management. You don’t have to be a Rashid player to learn something from this veteran’s performance. (But Rashid players should probably pay close attention, too.)

Source: Yahoo! Esports 

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