Check out Street Fighter V’s new Story and Battle costume colors via the CFN Portal site

By on April 26, 2017 at 12:00 pm
SFV New Colors

Street Fighter V received a brand new batch of colors as a part of the major content update yesterday, adding colors numbered 11-15 for each character’s Story and Battle costumes. The costumes are unlockable using Fight Money, but with only two tiny color patches to judge from in-game, figuring out what a costume looks like can be a rough job. However, Capcom’s CFN Portal site has been updated with all of the new colors.

Shadoloo’s Sgt. Ashida provides some commentary on the fighters’ outfits, as well as the new colors. Be sure to see which new designs are your favorite before spending that precious Fight Money. Unlocking every new available color for a single character costs 94,000 FM in total, so choose wisely!

Source: CFN Portal

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