Capcom announces this year’s Capcom Pro Tour DLC for Street Fighter V

By on April 25, 2017 at 7:00 am
Tuxedo Ken SFV

As the Pro Tour is now in full swing, Capcom have released details on the special DLC which Street Fighter V fans can buy to fill the prize pool for this year’s Capcom Cup and support the running of the Capcom Pro Tour. Like last year, there will be two special Capcom Cup Collection Costumes, a new Capcom Pro Tour stage and the Champion’s Choice Costume, designed by last year’s winner Liquid|NuckleDu.

So far, Capcom have only announced the two Capcom Cup Collection Costumes, with Ken getting his tuxedo from his Story Mode chapter and Ryu sporting a traditional Japanese festival outfit. The CPT Stage and Champion’s Choice Costume will be announced at a later date, but you can check Ryu and Ken’s new threads below.

Capcom have also announced the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Premier Pass, which bundles together all of the costume and stage DLC, along two exclusive titles, a special Capcom Cup color for all 28 characters and monthly in-game targets which reward players with extra Fight Money. These monthly targets will go live in June and the CPT color will only be available for PS4 players, decking characters out in a mix of Capcom and PlayStation’s trademark blue.

CPT Colours SFV 2017

The Premier Pass will be available for $24.99, but you can buy the CPT costumes and stage separately if you wish. The costumes cost $5.99 a piece, with the CPT stage going for $9.99. Like last year, all of this CPT content will come off of the marketplace in late November, so Capcom can tally up the numbers ahead of Capcom Cup. Do note that Capcom does not plan to rerelease costumes and stages from previous Pro Tours at this time, so get them while they’re hot.

UPDATE: The pass is available now on the US PlayStation Store, for $33.49 USD.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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