meLo oLem shows off glitched wall damage with Pikachu Libre in Pokkén Tournament

By on April 24, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Pikachu Libre pro meLo oLem, whom we’ve featured recently (right before he made top 5 at Norcal Regionals), might as well wear a lab coat to tournaments for all the tech he develops.

There’s a glitch in Pokkén Tournament that continues to apply wall combo damage to Pikachu Libre’s next combo, despite it being a new combo. The glitch seems to be caused by Libre combing into un-enhanced Electroweb, causing a re-stand state that the game seems to not know what to do with, scaling-wise. Thanks to the low amount of phase shift points these combos deal, Libre can actually whittle down high-health characters to almost nothing in one phase, all thanks to the wall. Suddenly, taking Electroweb’s grab instead of the attack seems a lot more desirable, doesn’t it?

Source: meLo oLem

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