Mic’d Up: HoldBackToBlock documents Bronson Tran’s remarkable Tekken 7 run at NCR

By on April 23, 2017 at 11:00 am
Bronson in his element

There was a lot of talk this past weekend at NorCal Regionals, but no one mouthed off to the degree Bronson Tran did when he played his Winner’s and Grand Finals matches in Tekken 7. In a surprise move by the production staff, Bronson was allowed to play and self-commentate his matches during the final stages of the tournament. Warning: language in this video may not be suitable for children.

While the sound of a grown man’s voice cracking as he mocks his opponent might seem awful to some, it comes as a fresh change of pace from the hugs, patches, and teabag discussions that the FGC has grown accustomed to recently. As a longtime tournament veteran and one of the strongest competitors in the Tekken series in the West, Bronson brings an attitude that will resonate with older FGC heads who can remember the kind of banter that was used in arcades in North America.

This video is courtesy of Esteban aka “The Besteban,” one of the premier videographers of the FGC today (You might also know him as the “Tekken video guy,” or the guy that made that great FGC documentary).

Source: Hold Back to Block

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