BornFree interviews Floe at NCR 2017 about balancing a fighting game, Street Fighter V and more

By on April 23, 2017 at 9:00 am
BornFree interviews FLOE

Mark ‘BornFree’ Sheridan got to sit down with legendary FGC player (and streamer!) Ari ‘Floe’ Weintraub at NCR 2017. They talked about Floe’s first tournament in years, game mechanics, philosophy on balance, and much more for nearly an hour.

Floe admits that he is enjoying Street Fighter V more then Street Fighter IV, but has a lot of reservations about the way the game is developing in season 2. He feels that one of the biggest problems with Season 2 of SFV is that the game is too ‘Marvel’-y, equating V-trigger to MvC3’s X-factor.

When talking about overall balance, however, he’s not ready to say that the current top tiers should be weakened. “Buff bad characters, don’t nerf good characters. I like games where everyone is cheap,” Floe admits. Considering his background as one of the world’s best Soul Calibur 2 players, it’s not surprising to hear this take from him.

There’s a lot of ground covered, including Floe’s favorite game of all time (it’s not a fighting game!) and a Floe’s life outside of gaming. Be sure to check it out!

Source: BornFree

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