BigBoysToys HK reveal prototype for Akuma figure, complete with glowing red eyes

By on April 22, 2017 at 9:00 am

BigBoysToys HK recently shared this image on their Facebook page, revealing that the next toy in their T.N.C (The New Challenger) series will be none other than the raging demon Akuma. While this particular detail could have been a  touch added in the editing process, the admin of the toy company’s Facebook page confirmed in the comments that the figure will, in fact, have glowing red eyes.


Looking at the picture, we can see that the prototype is assigned the number 00. Since every other member in the T.N.C series have been numbered 01-07, it can be inferred that there is something different about this upcoming Challenger. Also, with almost every other  figure in the line featuring some sort of projectile being hurled as part of it’s design, this render of the Akuma figure stands out in that respect as well.

Stay tuned to BigBoysToys’ news feed for more info on their latest toy’s release.

Source: BigBoysToys HK