Check out the first episode of YogaFlame24’s new “Top 5 Plays of the Week” series for Street Fighter V

By on April 21, 2017 at 12:00 pm
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Top Street Fighter YouTube channel YogaFlame24 has created a new weekly series for “The Home of Fighting Entertainment.” This new “Top 5 Plays of the Week” series will count down what they feel are the five best SFV plays each week, based off of clips of online matches sent in by viewers to Twitter, as well as taken from various streams of top players.

The first episode features the controversial Wolfkrone making a V-Trigger comeback with Laura after being perfected the previous round, and Realistic’s crazy bomb shenanigans with Ibuki. There’s an absolutely breathtaking Critical Art escape from HORI|Sako, LI Joe taking an unsuspecting Zangief on a trip to Mixup City, and Chris Hu showing he’s more than just a commentator with a hype comeback at a recent Next Level Battle Circuit. (You might not want want to watch that last moment with headphones on.) You can catch the full video below to experience the hype for yourself.

YogaFlame24’s looking to make this a new weekly feature on the channel, so feel free to provide feedback in the comments and send him some clips of your own to YTYogaFlame24 on Twitter.

Source: YogaFlame24

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