“The Black Knight Project”: The Kagura BlazBlue: Central Fiction Discord community dazzles with a combo video

By on April 20, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Wager on swagger over substance. BlazBlue: Central Fiction certainly has enough flexibility in its combo system to show off a little more; Kagura Mutsuki, who first appeared in Chronophantasma, may have fallen from graces a bit–thus, he’s a rarely used character. However, dedicated Kagura players from the Discord community came together to–if nothing else–display their prowess with the character.

Below you can see “The Black Knight Project”; the editing is quite impressive in this one, too, so it’s very much worth a watch. Kagura’s Drive lets him combo with various stance attacks, and activating Overdrive frees him from all restrictions, even letting him dash-cancel those moves. Therefore, it’s easy to see how complex and creative his combos can get, thanks to good mobility in his Drive moves, like cross-ups and slides.

Enjoy the video below, and kudos to the Kagura Discord community for an awesome combo video.

Source: SeoJC

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