Michael Martin wonders if Street Fighter V has left Infiltration behind in “I Got Next”

By on April 20, 2017 at 6:00 pm
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Yahoo! Esports’ Michael Martin has returned with the latest episode of his “I Got Next” series. This episode, he questions if perhaps Street Fighter V, in its second Season, has possibly left Team Razer’s Infiltration behind.

The Korean Evo champion’s struggles following his victory (and famous “Download Complete” moment) have been well-documented, both as players began adapting to his self-proclaimed “run-and-gun style” of tactics with Nash, in addition to the meta dramatically shifting following his 25th place finish at Capcom Cup 2016, with the arrival of Season 2. In fact, his last taste of victory on a major scale following the Evo crown was at the Capcom Pro Tour Asia Last Chance Qualifier during Season 1, where he marched through losers bracket with Nash, Rashid, Balrog, and Vega, before resetting the bracket on Red Bull’s Bonchan for the victory. Most recently, he announced the cancellation of his flight to Norcal Regionals 2017, stating that he’s simply not ready to attend Capcom Pro Tour events at this point in time.

After he declared Nash “dead” in Season 2, Martin questions Infiltration’s desire to switch around from these many different characters–particularly Juri, who despite her buffs in Season 2, has only taken him to a victory at the Aninori Tournament in Korea, and a 4th place finish in Group A of ELEAGUE (alongside Rashid). Feeling he should perhaps simply return to a stronger character, like Balrog, especially since he is only getting a slight health nerf in the upcoming patch, he questions if the Korean warrior is still finding his footing in the game. “It’s surprising to say that, because he was so dominant, with Nash, early in Season 1, but when everyone adapted to him, and to Nash, I’m not sure he adapted to everyone else, if he adapted to the meta.”

Martin next brings attention to Red Bull Bonchan’s 4th-place finish at Northern California Regionals this past weekend, showing that the Paradoxical Avenger may be more “alive” then some first thought. Martin wonders if he’s simply in a different place in life now, with his upcoming wedding on June 3rd, as well as the “pro gamer lifestyle of branding himself and earning these endorsements” perhaps getting to him–or maybe Infiltration feels he simply needs a break before coming back stronger later in the season, following the upcoming balance update? You can see the full video below and decide for yourself.

Source: Yahoo! Esports

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