Level Up Your Game’s MYK breaks down Eliza’s Tekken 7 trailer in this analysis video

By on April 20, 2017 at 7:00 pm
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After taking a break from creating Tekken content, Level Up Your Game’s MYK returns with a breakdown and analysis video focusing on Tekken 7‘s pre-order DLC character, Eliza! Though the narcoleptic vampire first appeared in Tekken Revolution (which Bandai Namco Entertainment ended support for in March), she will be making a proper comeback to the series in its latest installment. Since these two Tekken titles play very differently–and she was created to be a gateway for fans of 2D fighters to try out the series–MYK has taken what we know about her so far and begun to speculate on how she will play, in comparison to her previous appearance.

After introducing the character and speaking about her sleeping mechanics–which allowed her to partially heal back lost health in Revolution, in exchange for being unable to block while she is asleep–MYK moves on to her moveset differences. Noting that she now has a normal jump, some type of command jump or divekick, additional specials (some of which are cancelable), and a meter gauge, similar to Akuma’s. Her “Blood Gauge” sports a unique design and contains a maximum of two stocks, giving her access to EX moves and what appears to be an additional super, separate from her Rage Art–it likely replaces her Rage Drive, as is the case with Akuma.

Next, MYK covers what look to be some new combo strings, such as a new extension off of her d/f2, that he believes is possibly a launch-punishable d/f23 natural-combo launcher. Eliza’s F1+2, which was a homing move in Revolution, is now her Power Crush, likely without its former counter hit properties. She also has a pair of new moves coming out of her F4; her unique forward dash, Moon Glide, provides her with new mixup opportunities. She also appears to have a fake-out version of her Dark Wave projectile, to further discourage evasive foes. Eliza can even special cancel her normals like Akuma, going into a Shoryuken-style uppercut from her S1, as well as a seemingly-new B4.

Finally, MYK spotlights her jump-in normals, which are very reminiscent of 2D air control, as well as what seems to be a projectile super that will be tied to her meter. From MYK:

My final thoughts on this character is that she seems a lot more interesting now, compared to her Tekken Revolution counterpart. She’s definitely a cool take on a Tekken character that’s been evolved in a way that makes her like a Street Fighter hybrid. I’m pretty excited for this new iteration of Eliza, and I can’t wait to try her out.

You can catch the full video below, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on Eliza in the comments!

Tekken 7 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam on June 2nd.

Source: Level Up Your Game

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