Here’s why R. Mika’s dash is so good in Street Fighter V

By on April 20, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Despite a number of changes coming into Season 2, R. Mika remains a relatively strong character in competitive Street Fighter V–as players like Liquid|NuckleDu and GRPT|Fuudo have demonstrated. Now, a recent discovery may shed light on one of the reasons why she’s remained such a force to be reckoned with.

The discovery has to do with R. Mika’s dash. Her dash has always been seen as good, and tends to catch people off guard, even those trying to poke it out. We now know why it is so good: as demonstrated in the tweet by TOOLASSISTED, her hurtbox retracts for about 6 frames during the start up of her dash.

Now, this apparently isn’t a new discovery, and players like NuckleDu have known about it since last season. However, it was only recently that it was brought to light due to a tweet from Japanese player WORLD_COMBO.

With the exposure of this property of R. Mika’s dash to the wider community, players such as Alioune and BX3|Phenom have started exploring it and figuring out what moves lose out to it.

Of course, the property has also sparked some discussion among the community on whether or not it should be retained or removed in a future balance patch. Javits Arias seems to side with the latter, stating on Twitter that while “people can definitely come up with ways to stop it in the meantime,” it’s also something that is unintentional and carries little risk of a counter hit.

Other players aren’t as quick to jump to gun on getting the property fixed. Speaking to Ian Walker over at Compete, David “UltraDavid” Graham has stated that he feels that it adds to the character, giving a character who has poor defensive options a defensive tool. More importantly, it gives the character–and the game–a bit more personality. “I like that it’s something else to factor in for both attacking and defending players,” states UltraDavid, “Some situations in Street Fighter V can feel repetitive because most characters have go-to mixups, regardless of who they’re playing against.”

Whether or not it eventually gets removed somewhere down the line, players are better off learning how to deal with it, for now.

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