Rising Up: Urien Character Tutorial — Optimal Combos, Setups, & Frame Traps

By on April 19, 2017 at 9:00 am

We’re back in swing with Rising Up full-character tutorials, hosted on ShoryukenTube. This time we’re focusing on Urien: bread and butter punishes and confirms, counter-hit setups, and damage optimization, fireball answers, frame traps listed by delay, meaty pressure, setups, and more. If you want to learn Urien, everything you need to know should be right here.

I had been putting off restarting this series until the Season 2.5 changes were in effect, but one of my longtime viewers Apoocalypse offered to make the Urien video, as he had a very strong understanding of the character and his options. This video accounts for all of Urien’s season 2.5 balance changes in the upcoming April patch, so it’s fully up to date. As usual, I’ve included an enormous guide in the video description.

I’ll be resuming my own character tutorials soon, once the patch is actually released. Remember to subscribe to the Shoryuken channel, and keep an eye out for future videos!