Javits’ Street Fighter V #1throw1comboDIZZY challenge has resulted in some amazing videos

By on April 19, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Balrog SFV Resize

Javits Arias made something of a name for himself, with his recent open challenge for Street Fighter V players to find ways to take out Akuma in a mere two combos. Now, he’s following that up with another open challenge: #1throw1comboDIZZY asks players to find ways to stun their opponents with a sequence that starts with 1 throw, leading into 1 combo.

Javits’ original tweet also came with his personal submission, which is a sequence featuring Balrog going in on Akuma.

A number of players have now risen up in response to the challenge, putting up some amazing sequences and combos. For example: this Urien sequence on Akuma by VX Aeon is worthy of a combo video all on its own.

Meanwhile, Foxx demonstrates that Urien doesn’t need a character with low stun like Akuma to pull the challenge off, showcasing this sequence against Ryu.

Meanwhile, KhnumXD makes good use of Ibuki’s bomb in this relatively simple sequence against Birdie.

Rizhall gets into the action with this sequence for Ryu against Zangief. Here, he uses a backthrow to put Zangief in the corner and set up the combo.

Meanwhile, L33pfr0g shows that newcomer Kolin can also contribute to this challenge, not only getting the stun, but freezing them in the process.

Another Kolin sequence comes from Baroque Obama, this time on Ken who has higher stun than Cammy from the previous video.

Not to be outdone by other players, Javits has returned with a couple more videos, one with Balrog again, going up against Urien (who has higher stun rating compared to Akuma), and another with Birdie against Cammy.

Of course, there are still a lot of players responding to the challenge! For more videos like these, keep an eye on the #1throw1comboDIZZY hashtag on Twitter.

Javits has also decided to up the ante with a follow-up challenge: #1throw1comboKILL:

Source: #1throw1comboDIZZY via Javits Arias

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