EGP WonderChef shares meaty setups–and a 200+ damage Field Phase combo–for Pokkén Tournament’s Suicune

By on April 19, 2017 at 3:00 pm

YouTuber, commentator, Mortal Kombat X Northwest Majors Champion, and more: Evan “EGP WonderChef” Hashimoto has a solid fighting game resume across a variety of games. Recently he’s shared some tech he’s developed for Pokkén Tournament, showing off great setups for Pokkén’s “water dog,” Suicune.

Here, Wonderchef demonstrates Suicune’s ability to convert off of its 5X Water Spout on wake up. This more is one of Suicune’s primary zoning pokes in Duel Phase, but typically is used only as combo filler or as a combo starter off an anti-air hit. However, 5X’s long active frames allow it to link off of Pokkén’s set knockdown frames on wakeup, giving the zoner an impressive pressure option. Suicune’s naturally high damage turns this into some brutal conversions if the opponent expects a grab. Considering that 5X also has a built-in fake, these setups can result in some terrifying 50/50s.

And, as if Suicune needed more help in the field phase, Wonderchef decided to show off a bit with this flashy 200+ damage wall combo in field phase. Resource-heavy and impractical, it nonetheless shows off an important truth- Suicune hits like a tank no matter where it stands, or what phase you’re currently in.

Source: EGP Wonderchef

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