BornFree talks to Fuudo at NorCal Regionals about his thoughts on Street Fighter V, and his love of Virtua Fighter

By on April 19, 2017 at 11:00 am

NorCal Regionals proved to be a profitable trip for Grapht’s Fuudo, as he came out of the event in 3rd place, falling to both Liquid|NuckleDu and PG|Punk–who finished as runner-up and champion respectively. After the event, his sights are turned on ELEAGUE, and his possible revenge on either Punk or NuckleDu.

While at NCR, BornFree talked extensively to Fuudo in this interview. They talked about his thoughts on NuckleDu–who he pegged as being far more aggressive than himself, and the fact that he has to studied a counter-strategy for Punk specifically. They also discussed his love of Virtua Fighter, which Fuudo concedes he still plays at local events in Japan regularly. They also discussed his training regimen–in which he admits to practicing while drinking.

Source: BornFree

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