Reverse Demon Slayer combos allow practical and flashy unblockable setups for Pokkén Tournament’s Gardevoir

By on April 18, 2017 at 6:00 pm

For whatever reason, Gardevoir Twitter has been exceptionally active over the past few weeks.  Recent lab work on Pokkén Tournament’s Psychic/Fairy has revealed some exciting new combos with a backwards launching Demon Slayer (forward+X). As demonstrated by Pokkén player Bendy:

Both combos above allow the player to setup the holy grail of high-level Gardevoir: ambiguous unblockable setups. Certainly not something the original owner of Demon Slayer–Tekken’s Asuka–could do!

But that’s not all that’s come out of the Gardevoir lab:

Gardevoir’s Psychic is a great wakeup and long-range pressure tool. Kaloncpu57, however, found a way to combo the brutally slow move into itself.

Rounding out this list, Japanese Pokkén player Sanaito demonstrates combo starting height requirements for Gardevoir’s dress slam, jump X. The opponent’s hitbox plays an important role in determining the advantage on hit, and the safety on block.

Sources: SanaitoKaloncpu57Bendy

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