Your wish is granted: Check out this Dragon Ball Z stage mod for Street Fighter V on PC

By on April 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm
DBZ stage mod xuses thumb

One of the most popular way to modify Street Fighter V’s aesthetics on PC is to swap character models out with those of characters from other popular franchises. This next mod, however, doesn’t change a character–but rather an entire stage. Created by Monkeygigabuster, this mod lets Street Fighter characters duke it out in Kami’s Lookout from Dragon Ball Z. The stage comes complete with two wish-granting dragons (Shenron and Porunga) watching the action from the background.

Interested players can get the stage mod (which players can choose to replace either Frosty Boulevard, or the training stage) over at Monkeygigabuster’s DeviantArt page. In the meantime, check the stage mod in action in this video from XusesGB.

Sources: Monkeygigabuster, XusesGB

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