Get more damage out of knockdowns in The King of Fighters XIV with these on-the-ground catch combos

By on April 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm

One thing that helps differentiate The King of Fighters series from similar ground-based fighting games are the plethora of on-the-ground hitting moves that its characters have. These allow characters to add damage if they score a hard knockdown on their opponent. The King of Fighters XIV is no exception, and multiple characters can net additional damage with moves that catch their opponents just off the ground.

Gatoray explores these moves, as well as some combos and juggles that can be performed by using them out of knockdowns. The combos in the video below range from simple extensions to some pretty damaging combos, given enough meter. This includes an amazing 800+ damage combo for Sylvie that uses only 4 bars, for only 2 super moves.

Source: Gatoray

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