Frabisaur teaches you how to strengthen your offense in The Fighter’s Dojo, episode 5

By on April 17, 2017 at 11:00 am
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After covering the ins and outs of frame data in his last episode, Frabisaur’s latest entry of The Fighter’s Dojo focuses on applying the concepts of frame data to strengthen your offense when in the heat of a real battle scenario.

The questions answered in this video include: “How do I open up my opponent?” and “How do I create strong offense?” Beginning the video by discussing perspective shifts that can come about from spending too much time playing in Training Mode and against the CPU–such as focusing solely on what you want to do, instead of trying to outwit your opponent and counter what they are trying to do.

After a brief discussion on what frame traps are and how to use them, Frabisaur utilizes the visual aid of Nash putting Balrog into a terrifying chain of mixups, due to the Paradoxical Avenger’s advantageous pokes. He moves on to another integral part of higher-level play that can carry some confusing lingo, the concept of meaties.

A meaty is basically forcing your opponent to wake up into an already active move. Startup frames of animation take time, especially on heavier buttons. After I’ve knocked down the opponent, while they are doing their stand up animation, before their hurtbox becomes active, I can use that time to do all of my startup frames and make them stand up into an already active hitbox. They’re essentially waking up into an attack. The reason this is such a good mixup is because I can use it with an attack or a throw, since they have 5 frames of startup. So [Balrog] gets forced into a terrible situation, where he’s got to guess, “is it gonna be a throw, button or is he gonna try and block on me to bait out that reversal?”

In closing, Frabisaur touches on the importance of having the knowledge and judgment to determine what decisions to make when foes correctly guess and escape your pressure, as well as identifying when the proper time comes to end your offense, depending on your character’s specific tools and the situation at hand. You can see the entire video below. You can also follow Frabisaur on Twitter, and he will be streaming soon at

Episode 6 will examine how to apply the concepts of frame data to improving your defense, in order to make you a more well-rounded player regardless of your chosen game.

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