Yamazaki unleashes pure carnage in this King of Fighters XIV Roundup

By on April 15, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Yamazaki KOFXIV Win Pose

One of my personal favorite SNK characters, Ryuji Yamazaki, has finally made his glorious return to the King Of Fighters series, joining the KOF XIV roster earlier this month as part of the game’s massive Version 2.00 update. Today we shine a special spotlight on what the murderous Hakkeshu of Death is capable of in his newest incarnation.

We begin with a combo video from veteran KOF content creator Persona Entertainment. The first four combos aim for maximum damage utilizing between 1 and 4 Bars, along with 1000-1250 MAX Gauge. These combos also have the added bonus of being performed on his Fatal Fury compatriots, most of whom still have 1,000 life, but there are also Touch Of Death sequences 0n the now 900 health Mai and 950 health Kim, while his former boss Geese Howard now sports 1050, the same as Ryuji himself.

Yamazaki may have left his trusty knife behind but he now boasts a new Super in KOF XIV–Pit Viper–that inflicts massive poison damage to the opponent, despite not being calculated in the damage counter in Training Mode, that will persist when Climax Canceled into his Drill Super, which means your foe is continuously losing life as you prolong the attack by mashing for more hits, damage and alternative animations! (Eat your heart out, F.A.N.G)

Next up, we have the COMBONAUTS take on Yamazaki, which features some stylish Super and Climax Cancels, MAX Mode confirms, more Pit Viper poison goodness, combos off of his Counter and a Rising Heart whiff punish on poor 950-health Love Heart. We even have a combo off of a Double Returned Mamahaha that poisons an unsuspecting Nakoruru.

Gatoray gives us a look at every projectile Yamazaki can Parry with his Double Return. Unlike Whip’s Orbs, his Kaiser Wave’s cover the screen extremely quickly, similarly to Azrael’s Phalanx Cannons in Blazblue. He can even get multiple Waves from multi-hitting projectiles, and in MAX Mode, they’re large and durable to clear the screen of enemy fire, even other EX projectiles.

LeoKingdom69 gives us a look at all 4 Levels of Yamazaki’s Drill Climax and how they differ in damage, number of hits and animations, as well as a 5-Bar combo.

After releasing guides for Whip, Vanessa and Rock, TrueUnderDawgGaming has FINALLY put out his combo guide for Yamazaki.

TBS_BrunoKof also has a variety of combos.

Finally, Black Out brings us all of the win quotes to and from Yamazaki, for the entire cast, while zxyu0369 gives us the special intros between all 4 DLC characters.

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