The Skullgirls Tour announces community fundraiser to bring international competition to Combo Breaker

By on April 15, 2017 at 11:00 am

The Skullgirls community has been granted an opportunity to bring some of the world’s top competitors to compete on the game’s largest stage. Combo Breaker will once again serve as the finale of The Skullgirls Tour, and StreamMe has contributed $2,000 to bring international players to the event next month.

Skullgirls is already guaranteed a spot on Combo Breaker’s main stage for the finale of the tour, and the opportunity to bring in more international talent should make Sunday’s Top 8 Finals that much sweeter.

The crew in charge of The Skullgirls Tour will host a fundraising stream announcing which players have been chosen on Saturday, May 6th starting at noon on Additional funds will be used to fly in as many players as possible, and based on the reveal trailer from SkullgirlsTV, each chosen player will be from a different country of origin.

The Skullgirls Tour is a series of five offline events and seven online tournaments celebrating the indie title and its community. In August 2016, leaders within the community announced their intention to launch an event series focusing on the tournaments that best support the game.

CEOTaku kicked off the tour in October 2016, and in the time since several other fighting game communities have organized specific tours in support of their own games, such as the Curleh Series and Burst League.

Skullgirls Tour organizer, KPB|Sheila “Sharpie” Moore said the tour helps the community support the events that are most important to the players, content creators and tournament organizers that keep the scene alive. By including online tournaments in the mix, the tour is also working to help the netplay community transition into offline competition.

“I’m really happy to see other tournament organizers, players, and general community members working to organize series and tours for their communities,” Moore said. “It’s really nice to see people that have a genuine interest in making their community accessible to others, and helping their community grow in general. I honestly think it’s really important that tours and circuits are created because they help inspire members of communities to action.“

Echo Fox|SonicFox has won each of the tour’s offline events in North America, and is the current points leader on the tour with 950; his former teammate cR|dekillsage in second place, having come in second place at those same events. Swedish player zeknife is in third place on the leaderboard with his win at Revolution 2016, and was one of three international players who was able to attend Combo Breaker 2016 due to crowd funding.

Skullgirls developer Autumn Games has announced a $2,000 pot bonus for the Combo Breaker 2017 prize pool, and special events have been announced for Friday and Saturday evening. Last year’s Combo Breaker featured a 10-on-10 East Coast vs. The World exhibition. Be sure to tune in to the fundraising stream on May 6 to find out which international players will be competing at Combo Breaker, and check out the tournament starting on May 26.

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