Dan Hibiki seeks to prove Saikyo-ryu’s true strength in this upcoming fan series

By on April 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm
dan hibiki fan trailer thumb

A practitioner of Saikyo-ryu never gives up!

Dan Hibiki is a man who’s lost everything: his family, his students, his dojo… he’s even lost his starring role in the Street Fighter IV series, reduced to a part-time DLC shill in Street Fighter V’s Shop menu. But you can only push the master of Saikyo-ryu so far before he’s forced to show you his true strength!

This trailer┬ásets up the story of Dan’s sure-to-be meteoric rise to the fame and fortune he deserves, as to be seen in an upcoming fan-made series from┬áThe Real Dan Hibiki. Will he succeed in regaining all that he’s lost? Will Dan finally get the respect he’s been so long denied? Is 4K Ultra HD enough to contain the awesome power of Saikyo-ryu?! The journey to find the answers begins below.

Thanks to Anthony for the tip.

Source: Saikyo Ryu Online


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