The SRK Rollback: Best of April 7-13, 2017

By on April 14, 2017 at 10:00 am

Welcome to the Rollback: a frame-by-frame look back at our past week’s most notable news–and our favorite SRK articles–from April 7 to April 13, 2017!

Zavian “mushin_Z” Sildra, Editor-in-Chief:

Frame 1:
Yoshinori Ono announces that Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers is ready to ship

With touch-assisted controls, Way of the Hado mode, and an updated Street Fighter II experience with classic or HD graphics, this is something Nintendo Switch owners will want to check out, even if it isn’t optimized for serious competition–and it’ll be available soon.

Frame 2:
pokken burst
Pokkén Tournament’s Burst Mode, Exhaust Frames, and design philosophy

Crow_Spaceboy explores the nature of Pokkén Tournament’s post-Burst “exhaust frames” invincibility, and questions whether or not it is a feature, or a flaw.

Frame 3:
Polygon interviews the original development team behind SNK’s Samurai Shodown: “Samurai Gumi”

An in-depth look back via Polygon at what made this SNK classic among classics so good.

Frame 4:
slice dice & rice logo white
Slice, Dice & Rice–the new one hit-kill indie fighting game–releases this month on Steam

Speaking of weapons-based fighters–this indie title, taking its inspiration from Squaresoft’s Bushido Blade series, is on track to launch on Steam near the end of this month, and on consoles later.

Frame 5:
nintendo new ssb4 amiibo crop
Nintendo finally reveals the last six–not three–amiibo for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

On of the surprises from the latest Nintendo Direct was the news that Nintendo actually hadn’t forgotten about the last three amiibo due for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U–even if the delay has been ridiculous. Nintendo is doubling up on these three characters–but they’re also back to their retailer-exclusivity shenanigans, unfortunately.

Sam “Trilby” Foxall, Assistant Editor:

Frame 1:
laura-srkShoryuken interview: Wolfkrone on Laura’s changes and FGC rivalries

Our very own Missing Person got a chance to sit down with Wolfkrone to chat about Laura in Season 2, his goals for this year’s CPT, and rivalries in general within the FGC. With his rivalry with K-Brad enlivening the scene, he hopes that more will come to the fore.

Frame 2:
Esports Arena Las VegasEsports Arena partners with MGM Resorts and Allied Esports to open new venue at Luxor Hotel and Casino

Acting as Las Vegas’ first dedicated esports venue, Esports Arena is setting up a brand new location within the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. With it currently hosting events like WNF and 2GG’s Sagas, another Esports Arena is great news for the FGC.

Frame 3:
transformers forged to fight titleTransformers: Forged to Fight — Does this new mobile fighter have “the touch”?

EIC mushin_Z takes a look at the latest franchise to try their hand at a mobile fighter, with Transformers: Forged to Fight. While fun for die-hard Transformers fans, don’t expect to see this portable fighter to be making it to a tournament near you anytime soon.

Frame 4:
eternal_succcessor_mockup_750The Eternal Champions spiritual successor now has a name, and some sweet new mockup renders

Now titled “Eternal Successors,” producer Michael Latham has released some character renders for his proposed sequel to the Sega Genesis fighter Eternal Champions. Created in Unreal Engine 4, these renders try to match the original artwork by the late Ernie Chan.

Frame 5:
ARMS min minNintendo announces a new fighter and a June 16 release date for ARMS

In their latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo not only announced the new fighter Min Min for ARMS, but that the long-limbed fighter will be releasing on June 16. They even showed off a quick glimpse of ARMS’ 2v2 mode, promising some manic team combat.

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