Prepare your wardrobe for a summer full of tournaments with Musterbrand’s new Street Fighter V collection

By on April 14, 2017 at 1:00 pm
SFV Musterbrand Jackets

Adding to UDON’s recently announced 30th anniversary Street Fighter t-shirts, Musterbrand have now revealed their new Street Fighter V clothing line. With varsity jackets and beachwear on offer, you can prepare your wardrobe for a summer packed with tournaments.

The varsity jackets display either Ryu or M. Bison, with each jacket lined with the character’s promotional art from Street Fighter V, along with a character-specific print on the back. The M. Bison jacket shows off the Shadaloo logo, while the Ryu jacket sports the kanji seen on his now-signature gloves. These jackets will cost you a fair chunk of Fight Money, going for €99.00 (approx. $105.00 USD).

If you’re looking to take a trip to Kanzuki Beach this summer, Musterbrand also has both men’s and women’s beachwear, based around Street Fighter V. With M. Bison and Ryu designs on the swim trunks–alongside Shadaloo and Chun-Li themed bikinis–these items all go for €49.00 (approx. $52.00 USD).

Sources: Street Fighter; Musterbrand

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