Let’s redefine footsies in fighting games: new video from Novril explores the concept

By on April 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Novril, known for his recent “Guilty Gear Crash Course“series, is back at it with new videos. His new series tackles explaining and redefining fighting game concepts from the ground up. Open to all kinds of fighting games, the inclusive video tackles the concept of footsies.

The episode begins with attempting to define the term, and looking at already established definitions of the term. Because fighting games are so diverse–and many include simple or complex aerial movement–it’s not that easy to embrace what exactly we’re trying to say with one word. Novril┬árecognizes this complexity, and nails it with two fundamental, conceptual goal: controlling hurtboxes and hitboxes so that the opponent overextends themselves, and preventing them from doing the same to you.

Watch the new episode below, and let us know what thoughts and advice you have about the concept!

Source: Novriltataki

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