The Eternal Champions spiritual successor now has a name, and some sweet new mockup renders

By on April 13, 2017 at 10:00 am

As previously reported, Eternal Champions producer Michael Latham is working on a new project that aims to be the game’s spiritual successor (if not a new sequel outright, if they can get the rights). Now, in a new update on our forums, the team has revealed that the project now has a proper name.

The working title is “Eternal Successors”–an obvious reference that the game is a follow-up to Sega’s seminal 2D fighter from the ’90s. While the name does sadly remind us that they still don’t have the rights to use the original IP, at least we know that there’s a plan in place to move forward with or without them.

Further showing the teams resolve to move forward with the project are a couple of new test renders on Unreal Engine 4. The renders, which you can see below, are just mockups of how the game may eventually look.  One interesting thing, however, is the color palette that they used–which tries to match the style of the late comic book legend Ernie Chan, who did the art for the original Eternal Champions. In addition to this, the team has confirmed that they’re looking to add retro-styled filters as well.

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Source: SRK Forums

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