Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League: Blaze vs. Ryan Hunter, YanuCerda faces rubedoe

By on April 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm

The Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League is going strong, despite Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2’s appearance in Japanese arcades. This week’s match has already been fought, so here’s the mixup: instead of previewing, we’re going to see what the players think after having faced each other. A big part of getting better at fighting games is drawing conclusions from previous games and footage, so let’s see what each combatant has to say.

First, check out the action between rubedoe’s Ramlethal Valentine and YanuCerda’s Sol Badguy. It’s an incredibly close set. After that, TSB|Blaze’s Raven pounced on Ryan Hunter’s devious Venom.




Your match was extremely close, and you did win in the end, but is there anything that you think you could have done better during the matches?: “Call out more 2D, 6HS, Gun Flames, and punishing Wild Throw, instead of just focusing on avoiding it. A lot of stuff was telegraphed, but I went in pretty cold due to real life and Nier: Automata. Usually better at combos than that but it was my own handicap.”

What were your thoughts on this matchup?: “Him as a player, it was easy to tell he’s the kind of Sol that likes to force you to adapt to him, and if you don’t, you just die. Ram can beat these types of Sols, but he did do some stuff to shut down my air options, and he did block or Blitz some of my mix-ups that have those kinds of weaknesses if you recognize them, so good on him for that.

“He tended to hard call-out my going into the air too much by putting himself in the air without reacting to me being in the air myself which is the only reason I won. Once he does this, I can 2S him on the way down, or if he air-dashes above me willy-nilly, which he did. When he did get me in the air though, I was screwed, because air throw shuts Ram air neutral down.

“Sol vs. Ram is bad for Ram unless the Sol is slow to adapt, and the Ram can outplay him.”

Afterward, what lessons did you draw from the set? Did your opinion change because of it?: “Lessons I learned are mostly that I have to work on being more reactionary on my defense and not letting my opponent run his game as easily. The Arm was right, that I only Charge Blitz so I need to work on mixing that up. A big weakness I’ve always had was jumping a lot but not being proactive at defending my space from air throws so I need to figure that out.

“Otherwise, my opinion on the matchup is the same as ever. Ram has downfalls that are pretty steep, but she can outplay her opponent once, and ride the momentum to a won round pretty easily. Matchups just depend on how hard it is for her to outplay that specific character in neutral.”



At one point in the set, you were down, 4-6. What were you thinking about then to motivate you to push back?: “When I was down, my train of thought was that he was showing me some patterns I should be focused on taking advantage of. I started to play specifically anticipating the patterns I was looking for, and that helped me swing back, I think. Now, that I try to remember what those patterns were I definitely have already forgotten all of them.”

What were your thoughts on this matchup?: “I have never felt very comfortable against Ram with Sol, her hurtbox is a bit strange so I can’t be as fun with my combos. Ignoring the matchup though, his style was different than I was used to… for a while, I kept getting more command throws than I thought I deserved because I felt he was passive in pressure. It started to make me more uncomfortable, as I had to rely on the risky command throw more often and once he started jumping out, I did not adapt quick enough.”

Afterward, what lessons did you draw from the set? Did your opinion change because of it?: “First lesson, my fun cross-up setup (Bandit Revolver > YRC > cross-up jK, 2HS into Riot Stomp) doesn’t work on Ram…cost me the final round I believe, and I won’t be trying that again.

“Second lesson is, I have to work on in chaotic sets to avoi making choices that end me up in the corner. It’s clear a strong Ram will make full use of any mistake that winds me up in the corner, and I will be more aware of that from now on.

“Third, make sure my next match isn’t with 5 frames of delay ;). How do you block Ram in that delay?”



At one point, you were down 2-5. How do you think you mounted an impressive comeback?: “I had to change my strategy, Venom outdamages Raven really easily, so I started using the stance to see if the damage difference will be on par with his. Which it was!”

What were your thoughts on this matchup?: “On the matchup itself, I personally think it’s in Venom’s favor. He can control a lot of space and make Raven come at him how he wants. Also, Venom’s wake up timing is a lot faster than the [rest of the] cast, so a lot of okizeme that I usually use does not work on Venom. He can easily back dash, super jump, and even 6P me if I glide at him, which can hit me before the ball is even active.”

Afterwards, what lessons did you draw from the set? Did your opinion change because of it?: “Opinion stayed the same. Venom vs. Raven requires Raven to work in neutral a lot. Also, Ryan knows the matchup very well since he plays Mystic (Florida Raven) a lot. I have to thank Daiandoh and Grover for the experience I got from playing them here in NYC.”

Ryan Hunter declined to comment.

What’s next for the Super Steam Xrd Exhibition League? It’s time for a Europe special! On April 16th, European Guilty Gear warriors will duke it out Silva’s stream.

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