meLo oLem’s “Fresh & Clean” Pikachu Libre video is the flashiest Pokkén Tournament combo video yet

By on April 13, 2017 at 3:00 pm

The wide selection of assists in Pokkén Tournament means that there’s a lot of variety for combo video makers to really push their creativity. Player meLo oLem, one of the community’s best-known Pikachu Libre innovators, has proven this with his latest Libre video: “Fresh & Clean.”

Libre’s place in the cast is that of the heavy option, low damage mixup ‘mon. To see that character archetype pump out 300+ damage from a mid screen jump in, and not even spend its Burst, is eye-popping. What’s even more surprising is some of the tech meLo uses to put these combos together: I can say for certain I’ve never seen a Libre video use j.X wall jump cancels mid combo, or use the backside of Latios assist to rebound wall opponents.

Source: meLo oLem

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