Nintendo announces a new fighter and a June 16 release date for ARMS

By on April 12, 2017 at 6:00 pm
ARMS min min

In today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo finally announced a release date for stretchy-armed arena fighter ARMS. Alongside a special neon-yellow JoyCon and a special battery life extender, ARMS will launch worldwide on June 16th. Besides the main release date reveal, this Direct revealed a ton of new information, including a new fighter, a special 2v2 mode and how players unlock additional Arms to use in battle.

The actual Arms are split between several categories, ranging from the standard Glove-type to:

  • Multi-shot Arms which fire off multiple projectiles
  • Curve Arms which can hit behind an enemy’s block
  • Heavy Arms which have a huge surface area
  • Whip Arms which have a super fast drawback animation

Alongside these types, each Arm can be associated with an attribute like ice, fire, wind, lightning and so on. These attributes become active when your Arm is allowed to charge for a second, giving players access to all sorts of elemental punches. As for unlocking new Arms, players can head to the Arms Getter–a special shooting gallery when you can punch special reward boxes to gain new armaments.

Joining the likes of Spring Man, Ribbon Girl and Ninjara, this Nintendo Direct introduced Min Min to the ARMS roster. Nicknamed “The Ramen Bomber,” this culinary contender uses arms made of ramen noodles to strike at her opponents. Min Min is also a trained martial artist, with her air dash allowing her to kick away incoming punches.  She can also charge up her special Dragon Arm for an extended period, unleashing a large beam attack to blast opponents.

Source: Nintendo

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