GameBattles reopens its famous Super Smash Bros. online ladder, now for Smash 4

By on April 11, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Alongside the now defunct All Is Brawl, GameBattles was one of the best places to train during the days of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It helped birth many of the talents we now see dominating the top levels of Smash 4, with its playoffs and online ladder acting as major battlegrounds during Brawl’s lifespan. While Japan still has an active and fiercely competitive online ladder, nothing in the West has really captured the original spirit of All Is Brawl and GameBattles.

However, in a matter of minutes earlier this week after a suggestion by IMT|ANTi on Twitter, GameBattles has set up a new online ladder specifically for Smash 4. Top players like ANTi, TSM|ZeRo and CaptainZack have already signed up to the service, with there currently being over 380 players registered since the ladder’s announcement yesterday evening. You can expect more players to start filtering in over the next week, with MLG hopefully setting up incentives, premium tournaments and playoffs as interest increases.

This announcement has certainly garnered a lot of interest among both Brawl veterans and new-school wifi warriors, so there should be plenty of matches going if you are looking to level up your Smash skills.

Source: GameBattles

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