Esports Arena partners with MGM Resorts and Allied Esports to open new venue at Luxor Hotel and Casino

By on April 11, 2017 at 11:00 am
Esports Arena Las Vegas

In a strategic partnership between Allied Esports and the MGM Resorts group, Esports Arena is planning to open a new venue inside the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip. Taking over a 30,000 square foot nightclub within the hotel, Esports Arena Las Vegas is set to open in early 2018 and become Las Vegas’ first dedicated esports venue.

According to a press release announcing this joint venture, Esports Arena Las Vegas will come equipped with “a competition stage, LED video wall, telescopic seating, daily gaming stations, a robust food and beverage offering, and state-of-the-art streaming and television-quality production studios.” This arena will also pave the way for Esports Arena and Allied Esports’ expansion across America, with Esports Arena planning to open between 10-15 new locations across North America in the next few years. Two venues in Oakland, California and Shenzhen, China are planned to open during 2017, with a touring gaming truck starting its journey across mainland Europe.

“Esports Arena Las Vegas will be the ultimate esports environment that people from around the world will strive to experience first-hand,” said co-founder and COO of Esports Arena, Tyler Endres. “The operation and programming will be unique, as the rest of our locations are very much driven to engage and support local communities, while here in Las Vegas we are developing an approach that will also create excitement for the millions of visitors who come to the city every year.”

The Esports Arena in Santa Ana has proved to be a welcome boon to the FGC, hosting regular events like Wednesday Night Fights and Mega Smash Mondays, alongside larger events like SoCal Regionals and 2GG’s Sagas. Hopefully, this grand expansion across the USA means that more tournament organizers and players can make use of its stellar facilities to continue the growth of local scenes.

Source: Esports Arena

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