Blink and you’ll miss The Flash’s Injustice 2 intro trailer

By on April 10, 2017 at 9:00 am
Flash Injustice 2

As a Flash main in the original Injustice, this is the trailer I have been waiting for. Showing off the scarlet speedster in action, this introductory trailer for The Flash reveals some of the new tricks he has picked up in between games. Still retaining moves like his Lightning Kick, Running Man Stance and Time Loop trait, The Flash finally has a projectile and some added anti-air options to deal with foes both near and far.

Barry Allen has even gained a dive kick for Injustice 2, with him spiraling head first towards a foe and potentially leading into a juggle when in Time Loop. Taking a tip from Kitana, The Flash has an anti-air similar to the Edenian princess, making opponents float in the air when meter-burned. He can also spin on the spot to create a tornado which can intercept jumping foes, along with an energy projectile to contest enemy zoners.

His new super is truly the star of the show, with The Flash running back in time to slam opponents into some archaeological and paleontological surprises. He then brings opponents back to the present, where they collide headfirst into an alternate timeline version of themselves–starting another beatdown in a separate universe. That’s just the right kind of overkill.

Source: Injustice

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