2GGC: Gekkouga Saga comes to the Esports Arena on May 20th

By on April 10, 2017 at 3:30 pm
2GGC Gekkouga Saga

Decided after Ranai’s Greninja took first place at the special round robin at 2GGC: Civil War, this next Saga will be dedicated to the amphibian shinobi, Greninja. However, as many of the world’s best Greninjas–like iStudying and Some–could not make an event in April, 2GGaming have rescheduled the newly-named Gekkouga Saga (Greninja is called “Gekkouga” in Japanese) for May 20th at the Esports Arena in Santa Ana, California.

As with all 2GGC Sagas, there will be both singles and doubles events for players to try and earn those precious 2GGC Ranking Points, along with a special combo contest dedicated to the ninja frog. Greninja players are infamous for posting incredibly stylish and intricate combos on Twitter, so this event will finally pit them against each other for the title of greatest amphibian. Based on a tweet from 2GGaming, it looks like they will be flying in international Greninja mains like Elexiao, Waveguider, DarkAura, Eddy, Serge, Oisiitofu, Some, and more to compete at the event.

Signups are available over on smash.gg, and expect more details on this Saga as we approach May. 2GG are promising to host another tournament to make up for them missing an event in April, so don’t worry about losing a weekend of top Smash 4 action. Hopefully, it may be the rumored Pok√©mon Saga.

Source: 2GGaming

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