Use and defend against Balrog’s devastating Turn Around Punch with this Street Fighter V lecture from Brian_F

By on April 9, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Balrog TAP

With Balrog receiving a multitude of buffs in Season 2 of Street Fighter V, his Turn Around Punch or TAP has gone from a mediocre move, to one of the best moves in his kit. As many players are getting their jaws shattered by this straight punch, Master level Balrog player Brian_F has composed a comprehensive video guide to help people both use and deal with the TAP.

Detailing the varying levels of the Turn Around Punch, Brian lists the usage of each level, its specific properties and when you should or should not use that version of the punch. He also provides a useful frame advantage breakdown for each level of the TAP, helping supplement this almost 20-minute long Balrog analysis.

This lecture is bursting with knowledge, both for Balrog players and for those struggling in this match up. If you are are constantly being put on the bus to Duff City, this video is a must watch.

Source: Brian_F

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