Unlock Shin Hisako’s potential with these Killer Instinct combo guides

By on April 9, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Shin Hisako Killer Instinct

Having been out for a couple of weeks now, Killer Instinct players have really started to get to grips with Shin Hisako. With plenty of setplay potential with her Spirit Orb, the ability to set up long juggle combos and some tricky setups using her Devour Instinct, Shin Hisako does have the tools to be quite the threat in Killer Instinct. Having worked tirelessly in the lab, TDB|Ki4Life, ScolioReset and Freedom’s Laboratory have compiled some videos which should help players in their training with Shin Hisako.

First off, ScolioReset runs through how the huge blockstun inflicted by Shin Hisako’s Spirit Orb can make certain moves like Spirit Slice and Air On Ryo Zan safe.

Freedom’s Laboratory shows how Shin Hisako can use the Spirit Orb to extend juggles. With certain setups, she can even cast another Orb mid combo.

Ki4Life iterates on Freedom’s juggles, showing even more advanced juggles with Shin Hisako.

Finally, Ki4Life puts it all together with this mix of both impractical and practical Shin Hisako combos. These sequences use everything: Instinct cancels, Spirit Orb extensions as well as Heavy Spirit Slice dashes.

Sources: ScolioReset; FREEDOM’S LABORATORY; TDB_Ki4Life

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