announces major changes to its bracket generation system

By on April 8, 2017 at 3:00 pm
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Important news for anyone who organizes tournaments through, as the tournament organizing service has announced major changes to its bracket generating system. These changes are all to help TOs run a better event and for players to avoid rematches during their time in the bracket, which is often a major complaint when people attend large events.

Seeding a tournament is one of the hardest jobs for a tournament organizer, as you have to take into account not only relative skill levels and player wins, but also regional information so two players from the same area don’t instantly square off at a big event. uses a snaking pool system, where the top 32 seeds are placed in a snaking pattern in order to evenly distribute players of varying skill. This works for balancing pools, but can cause problems when moving between tournament phases. The new system keeps the order of seeding correct between phases, making sure that no potential erroneous match ups appear in later brackets. has also implemented a new algorithm which splits players in a bracket into clusters, then swaps them around in order to avoid repeated match ups between phases. To cut a long story short, this algorithm should vastly decreases the chances of double jeopardy as brackets progress. It doesn’t completely strip out the problem as that is nigh on impossible, but it reduces the chances of it happening. For the layman, what you need to know is that this new system should keep seeding intact between phases and reduce the chances of you playing someone you may have lost to in Winners’. If you want to read the full technical breakdown, make sure to read the Medium article for all the nitty gritty details.


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