Frabisaur examines frame data in Episode 4 of The Fighter’s Dojo

By on April 8, 2017 at 2:00 pm
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In the latest episode of The Fighter’s Dojo, Frabisaur takes a look at another concept that can separate lower and higher levels of play: frame data. To the uninitiated, it may just look like a series of random numbers, but knowledge of it is essential to take your game to the next level, and it’s a concept that can be applied to all titles.  Questions answered in the video include “What is frame data?” and “Why is it so important?” He also mentions that this video will have follow-ups to explain how to apply frame data both offensively and defensively in greater detail. Frabisaur begins by defining frame data.

 The simplest way I could describe frame data to you, is that it’s how we describe the animations of character’s movements. Frame data has to do with animations, and there are three things we measure when we talk about it. They are the startup frames of animation, the active frames of animation and the recovery frames of animation.

Utilizing Street Fighter V’s replay functions to look at a moment frame-by-frame, Frabisaur takes Necalli’s Standing Heavy Kick, which has 12 startup frames, 4 active frames and 21 recovery frames. Slowing the move down, he shows the entire animation of his leg at each of those three points, as well as how frame data impacts hitstun, blockstun and reeling animations.

In closing, Frabisaur emphasizes that frame data will help players have a greater understanding of the levels of commitment associated with every attack, and will also have deeper insight into what makes combos possible.

You can view the video below, and can also check out his past episodes on hitboxes and hurtboxes, as well as a mini on crossups, to supplement this content.

Though he has a schedule of episodes planned, Frabisaur is open to taking suggestions for future videos from viewers, so feel free to chime in with an idea. You can also follow him on Twitter at Frabisaur and catch his stream at for more tips and demonstrations.

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