Richard Lewis on Street Fighter V at ELEAGUE, and journalism’s importance in bringing SFV to new audiences

By on April 7, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Among all the people involved in TBS’s ELEAGUE Street Fighter V invitational, there was one name that many fighting game viewers may not have been familiar with. Richard Lewis, more known for his work covering CS:GO, was brought aboard to host the event alongside many of the fighting game community’s luminaries.

In a recent interview, PVP Live talks to Lewis about ELEAGUE and his involvement in it; here Lewis talks about the community’s longstanding issues with esports and how they addressed those concerns and criticisms. As part of this, he points out how ELEAGUE reacted and adjusted to criticism as it went on, slowly changing from the first day to the ongoing finals.

Additionally, Lewis also talks about journalism, and how it is important in helping in bringing a genre (such as fighting games) to new audiences who may not have initially been interested in following it. As part of this, he mentions how some people who’ve been following his work on other genres have been watching Street Fighter V at ELEAGUE, despite not initially being interested in the genre. More importantly, he points out how journalism, and how reporting on important matters, can help make esports as a whole lot more relevant to their audiences.

Of course, that’s not all they talk about, so head on over to PVP Live to read the full interview.

Source: PVP Live

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