Carolyn “MamaDao” Dao talks building the NorCal scene in Yahoo! Esports’ Conversations and Fireballs

By on April 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Northern California has always been one of the hotbeds of competitive fighting game activity. The region boasts a significant number of top fighting game talent, and hosts a number of fighting game events, such as NorCal Regionals.

In their latest episode of Conversations and Fireballs, Yahoo! Esports Michael Martin talks to Carolyn “MamaDao” Dao. A longtime community leader, MamaDao is most known for the weekly Churning the Butter tournament series before she stepped down.¬†After this hiatus, which sadly saw the demise of Churning the Butter, MamaDao is now involved with Red Bull Proving Grounds for the region. It’s these topics–and more–that MamaDao talks about in the video below.

Source: Yahoo! Esports

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