UDON Collectibles launches T-shirt line featuring classic win quotes for Street Fighter’s 30th anniversary

By on April 4, 2017 at 10:00 am
UDON shirts 30th slide

New apparel featuring those slightly mistranslated, now-iconic lines from Street Fighter II!

UDON shirts 30th logoTo help celebrate 30 years of Street Fighter, UDON Collectibles has just launched a new T-shirt line: it features the Street Fighter II cast’s win quotes from that classic game, matched with their silhouette and costume colors. The English version of Ryu’s win quote has launched speculation, a hoax, and eventually created a whole new character–while Guile’s classic put-down and Chun-Li’s powerful proclamation are just two more examples of these both iconic and entertaining quotes. Do you remember them all?

The shirts are available on the UDON Collectibles store now for $29.99 USD each, available in a variety of men’s and women’s sizes. Go check out the selection! Ready to proclaim your love proudly for your original main?


Source: UDON Collectibles

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