Long time King of Fighters news hub Orochinagi releases shutdown notice

By on April 2, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Orochinagi Retires

In today’s age, it seems to be getting harder and harder for traditional news sites to stay afloat. Social media and the general accessibility of various outlets gives fans so many ways to get their news, which makes this more difficult than it used to be. While many news sites are managing to get by, it’s a real shame when one of the old guard is forced to close up shop.

Orochinagi has been around in some form or another since 1997, making it older than some of the people who play King of Fighters XIV today. With that rich history in mind, it’s with a heavy heart that we report the announcement made just the other day from Orochinagi, announcing that they’ll be concluding service indefinitely. Here’s a clip from their retirement post:

“While Orochinagi has grown exponentially and still gets around 420,000 hits a month, it’s simply not worth the time and effort. Ad revenue is just not enough to consider quitting the daytime job.

We ran a survey earlier and users responded honestly, explaining that social networks fulfilled their information needs. People wanted websites to remain because news items were quickly lost in the feed,  however, the most important news is generally being posted by SNK themselves.”

The article goes on to explain exactly what this departure will mean for the site and the content it produces; for the most part, everything is shutting down and the forums will no longer be maintained, but guides and tech resources will stay live. For the full heartbreak and details, clink this link to see the article.

We wish all the writers and staff at Orochinagi the very best in any future endeavours.

Source: Orochinagi

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