Kuja gameplay, epic summons, & multiple arenas showcased in Game a-cho’s Final Fantasy Dissidia Arcade footage

By on March 31, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Kuja srk

Game a-cho arcade in Kyoto, Japan uploaded two hours of Final Fantasy Dissidia gameplay, giving overseas spectators a good look at what a typical run of this game in an arcade setting looks like. 3v3 Faction Battles seems to be the preferred mode in the two hour stretch, and the clashes make for a thorough examination of what to expect if you were in the sword wielder’s seat.

One of the highlights comes early on when a Squall players summons Ramuh, who showers the stage with lighting attacks and also prevents opponents from summoning for 50 seconds. Not only does it look awesome, it’s interesting to see how the summons change the activity happening on the battlefield. (Videos embedded below are set to start at various time marks.)

Unsurprisingly, most of the footage captured is of teams lead by Squalls, but there is some nice footage of Kuja, one of the newest characters that was announced in January. Aside from the gameplay exhibition that came with his announcement, this is the most extensive in-game Kuja footage we’ve seen yet.

Within the span of the two-hour session many different arenas were used, and they all had their unique aspects that influenced the pace of the match. Below are time marks with battles happening in different stages so you can see for yourself. Fans of the Final Fantasy series can probably pick up on some of the settings.

Overall, great graphics, a diverse cast and a unique style of gameplay is apparent in this footage from Game a-cho. If you enjoyed the above highlights, be sure to check out the full video to see the matches in their totality.

Source: GAMEacho