For Honor: River Fort returning, improved Steel system, new Elite outfits in developer response to boycott threats

By on March 31, 2017 at 5:00 pm
for honor river fort

Ubisoft has responded to threats of a For Honor boycott by reversing some unfavorable changes to the game’s content, as well as improving the in-game currency system. They are reinstating the popular River Fort, one of the Vikings maps (the other being High Fort) that was removed after issues with online match stability, and they are increasing the value of Steel income across all platforms. In addition to these changes, they announced new Elite outfits for every class in the Viking, Knight and Samurai ranks–a total of 12 costumes divided amongst the three.

Issues with earnings and discarded maps are only two of many complaints, it seems. Poor multiplayer connectivity, balance issues with Heroes, and glitches in the combat system are also high on the list of gripes. To their merit, Ubisoft has responded to the negative feedback rather expediently–and their decision to focus on improving the currency system is hardly random: after a story about a concerned player’s conclusion that it would take either two years or $732 to unlock all of For Honor’s in-game content began circulating, it eventually caught the attention of the game’s director, and these latest developments in the For Honor player/developer relationship show that cries are not falling on deaf ears.

While these updates may be enough to forego any boycotts, there is still work ahead before all of the issues are addressed. Hopefully this show of good faith from Ubisoft will keep players connected with hopes of more progress.

Source: Ubisoft, via Kotaku