Sheng Long has become a living legend! Learn about his bizarre moves in the 800th CFN Portal profile

By on March 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Sheng Long CFN banner

The next CFN Profile revealed by the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute may just be the most bizarre one yet. Twenty-five years after the original Electronic Gaming Monthly hoax, Sheng Long has been given the “800th” CFN Portal profile. (There have actually only been 226 profiles so far, not counting any “special” or “extra” entries. This profile is also hidden, not showing up on the main Activity Report page, with the latest entry still being Gerald Golby) “Uso,” the Japanese word for “lie,” is also underneath the Street Fighter logo–replacing the V in Street Fighter V–so it’s clear that this profile was made in jest. Additionally, Private Nakagawa was been replaced by a mysterious hand-drawn face.

Unnamed narrator: “This time, we’ve got Master Sheng Long for you. What’s his relationship to Ryu… ?! Mastering the martial arts, he’s become a living legend. Apparently, anyone who sees him dies within 24 hours.”

Shenlong Street Fighter V

Basic Info:

Name: Sheng Long
Height: 185cm
Weight: 70kg
Blood type: Unknown
Birthday: April 1st
Country of origin: Unknown
Likes: Today
Dislikes: Modding tools

Unamed narrator: “He throws Hadokens with one hand, and can unleash Shoryukens in mid-air, a true martial artist! He’s a mysterious entity that appears if you keep getting draw games! His special moves, besides the Hadoken, Shoryuken and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, are:

  • Jigoku Tomoenage: a throw that instantly defeats the opponent
  • Renkoin – he will keep resurrecting an infinite number of times
  • Daihan – instantly angers his opponents

And other such moves! Even amongst these, he has the Critical Art Rei Shirushibo, which instantly changes his personality! Such power for a 3rd dan! If you block his moves, you won’t be able to make a counterattack. You will be counterattacked instead.”

The profile also warns that it will disappear in 24 hours–implying that this is actually intended to join the official profiles just for April 1st in Japan–this is supported by Sheng Long’s Likes being “Today.” [UPDATE: indeed, as of April 1st in Japan, it can now be publicly viewed.]

You can check out more of our coverage of the calssic Sheng Long hoax here, as well as details about an EGM party on April 1st to celebrate his anniversary here. If you’re hungry for more CFN profiles, check out the latest batch here.

Do you have any fond (or not fond) memories of trying to unlock Sheng Long at your local arcade? What are your thoughts on this latest take on his design and moveset? Do you think Capcom should put him in Ultra Street Fighter II or Street Fighter V? Give us your thoughts in the comments section below!


Source: CFN Portal

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